2 BEDROOM + 1 BATH KIRKLAND LAKE BUNGALOW with fabulous gardens

Congratulations to both Seller & Buyers…  


A big congratulations to our Buyers & Sellers !


Congratulations to our Buyers and Sellers.


SOLD ! Congratulations to our Buyers & Sellers


Sold! Congratulations to our Sellers.

McVittie Vacant Lots

SOLD !   A big Congratulations to our Sellers.

Sherry Panagapka
Broker of Record



Sherry Panagapka | Broker of Record

SERVING Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton and surrounding areas

As a real estate Broker, I strive to find the dream residential home, waterfront property, vacant lot, commercial or income property for my clients while offering both English and French services. I believe in not only in representing my clients to the best of my
ability but also in assisting them on their journey of buying or selling.

Born and raised in Kirkland Lake, I also spent a lot of time visiting family & friends in many of our northern communities. As a result, over the years, I have acquired a sound understanding of the real estate market in Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton & outlying areas. I’m also from a family of hardworking salespeople. Both my father Jerry and brother Mike have had long successful careers in sales and investments.

Prior to opening Sherry Panagapka Real Estate Brokerage Ltd., I spent 22 years in Montreal as an entrepreneur, professional musician, artist, music and art teacher. As the years went by, the North seemed to call to me.

I moved back to Kirkland Lake for the lifestyle and more importantly to be able to spend more time with my family. With my three cats usually close by, I continue to paint landscape and wildlife art inspired by the beauty of the north. All animals have a special place in my heart. I am an avid lover of animals and supporter of animal rights. Music in some shape or form is always close by.

My assistant Yvonne and I look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs. Our office hours are weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm but I am available for evening and weekend appointments.

~ Sherry

(705) 642-6454


Yvonne Horner | Real Estate Assitant

SERVING Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton and surrounding areas

The day that Yvonne walked through my real estate brokerage door looking for work with a resume in hand, is a day that I soon won’t forget. Bogged down with paperwork, upcoming showings & listing, I had just been thinking about finding an office assistant. There she was… The cheerful yet professional Yvonne with real estate office work experience from Southern Ontario. More importantly, right from the start, it was clearly evident that Yvonne is a people person. I am so grateful for that timely and fateful walk-in.

For our customers and clients, just know that Yvonne is at our real estate brokerage to assist everyone. She has integrity for miles, is reliable and will always respect confidentiality. When you walk into our Real Estate Office, Yvonne is your first point of contact…always courteous, kind, professional & helpful. Isn’t it a nice experience to make a phone call and hear a cheerful professional voice where you know the person on the other end of the call is smiling?

About Yvonne the person… Family & her faith are extremely important to her. Yvonne is in close contact with her adored parents. Her love for her husband of many years, lifetime & new friends is infinite. Yvonne is also extremely proud of the people her two adult daughters have become and of their success in life.

Yvonne loves animals of all kinds especially her adorable cat Lucy. She is a very good photographer. The photo on our home page website is a winter photo Yvonne took likely while snow-shoeing. Other outdoor activities that Yvonne enjoys are walking, hiking, fishing, gardening & living off-grid. Indoor Yvonne enjoys woodworking & crafting. I have a sneaking suspicion that her home and property are as meticulous and organized as our real estate office 🙂

And that is the Yvonne that I see during our work week. A kind, reliable, hard-working & organized person. When you meet or speak to Yvonne…I am sure you will agree.

~ Yvonne

(705) 568-6500

Yvonne Horner real estate realtor

Yvonne Horner
Real Estate Assistant

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